• #1 Excavation Service

    If an individual needs reliable excavation in Logan UT, he doesn’t have to fret for even a second. Kim Johnson Excavating Inc., as the name indicates, can provide the professional excavation services people expect. Whether someone needs residential or commercial excavation in Logan UT, the company's fully licensed professionals are available to do the job -- the right way.
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  • Snow Removal Services

    While winter snow can indeed be beautiful and magnificent, it can also be a major hassle. If someone has to be at work bright and early the morning after a major snowstorm, time-consuming snow removal is probably the last thing he feels like thinking about. Thankfully, the pros at Kim Johnson Excavating Inc. are happy to handle all snow removal jobs in Logan, Utah.
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  • Septic Pumping Service

    Kim Johnson Excavating's excellent local reputation makes them the experts to trust when it comes to septic pumping. Expert technicians and the right equipment do the job safely and effectively, keeping the system at peak performance. For Logan UT septic pumping, Kim Johnson Excavating Inc offers experience and quality service.
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Excavate Logan UTChoosing the right excavation company can be very difficult. One must not only consider the quality of the work, but also the schedule and budget. Kim Johnson Excavating takes pride in being the premier excavators in Logan UT since 1971. They also offer septic pumping, snow removal, hauling, canal cleaning in Logan UT, and the surrounding areas, primarily Logan, Millville, Providence, and Mendon, as well as Logan UT septic service.

Kim Johnson Excavating specializes in work with a backhoe in Logan UT, helping make canal cleaning, snow removal excavation quick and efficient as possible. Because of Kim Johnson Excavating’s background, the company has made its name as a leader in excavation.  This diverse array of offerings and their ongoing commitment to service and quality has made them a regional go-to company for excavation and snow removal in Logan UT for over 40 years.

In addition to excavation in Logan UT, Kim Johnson Excavating helps with basement additions, saving homeowners time, money Backhoe in Logan UTand frustration in their home improvement projects. This ongoing commitment to giving clientswhat they need, when and where they need it has helped them maintain their reputation among the top excavators in Logan UT.

Kim Johnson Excavating is fully licensed, bonded, and insured in the state of Utah as well as being licensed in Idaho, with a broad range of capabilities including project management as well as excavation and work with a backhoe in Logan UT. They also have the capability to perform Logan UT septic pumping, ensuring the plumbing works the way it is supposed to with the minimum possible downtime and expense to the home owners. Kim Johnson Excavating understands that even in a tough economy, there is no reason to skimp on service for the people who need their expertise the most.

After over four decades in the excavation and construction field, Kim Johnson Excavating has learned how to keep clients satisfied. Bringing a combination of excellent work, courteous and punctual service and fair prices for their labor has given them a great reputation and an enviable working relationship with the people of Logan and the surrounding area. For excavation, remodeling, snow removal or septic system service, contact Kim Johnson Excavating. They are open from sun up to sun down six days a week to serve the Logan area with efficient, punctual, affordable service no matter what the problem is. For more information or to schedule services or get an estimate, click here or call the main office at 435-753-0883.

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“At Kim Johnson Excavating, we take pride in being the premier excavators in Logan UT since 1971.”

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