Backhoe Services

Excavating in Logan UT - Kim Johnson Excavating - (435) 753-0883Kim Johnson Excavating backhoe services in Logan UT has over a decade of experience in providing quality demolition, excavation and other site work for backhoe Logan UT services. Our solutions have proven effective time and time again in reducing costs for projects. Our expertise in backhoe in Logan UT has made us one of the most trusted providers of backhoe services for resident, construction and public projects.

What we do

We approach each project with the primary goals of minimizing costs and maximizing efficiency. Our experience has supported residential and commercial projects with our backhoe in Logan UT services. We offer comprehensive solutions to ensure compliance with all applicable regulations. We have partnered with companies to offer demolition, deconstruction, excavation and other site work for backhoe Logan UT services. We also provide canal cleaning, water drainage, snow removal, driveway and trenching services as well.

Types of projects supported

• Site restorationExcavate Logan UT
• Utility, plumbing and electrical trenching
• Septic systems
• Block wall footings
• Light grading
• Backfill
• Wall footings
• Snow removal
• Canal cleaning

The difference

Whether it’s helping prepare a neighborhood for expansion or preparing a site for restoration, we’ve been able to meet the needs of clients with diverse needs. Paying careful attention to guidelines and regulations, we can guarantee fully compliant projects for every client. It makes a difference partnering with a company that is fully invested in the outcome of the project. Our commit to quality and lowering costs has afforded us the opportunity to work with major contracts. From performing an environmental inspection to site restoration, we put quality first in all that we do.

Benefits of partnering with us

• Knowledgeable experts in all aspects of excavation and site restoration

• All projects guaranteed to meet compliance and regulatory requirements
• Latest construction practices always utilized to guarantee quality
• Reduced diversion rates, lessening burden of local landfills

The Backhoe Services in Logan UT has handled commercial, residential and municipal projects. In providing comprehensive backhoe services, clients can guarantee quality, cost effective solutions. From site restoration to backfill and compaction, our experienced team of technicians can service any project of any size in scope in accordance with regulatory and compliance requirements. If looking for experience backhoe services and solutions in Logan, UT, contact us today for a consultation.