Hauling & Canal Cleaning


Canal Cleaning in Logan UTAt Kim Johnson Excavating, we have been helping our local farmers for decades.  We take pride in our work helping to clear and clean canals in the Logan UT area.  Using the right equipment and experience and know-how is exactly what this job takes, and we have all of the above.  Give us a call today to help get the water where you need it to go.  Canal cleaning in Logan UT is no longer a problem for you.





Likewise, if you need anything to haul away, Kim Johnson can do it.  We have the equiHauling in Logan UT - Kim Johnson Excavating - (435) 753-0883pment that
it takes to haul your debris or unwanted items.  We are prompt, courteous, and respective of your property.  Our hauling services in Logan UT will help you with your finishing touches on your household, business and property projects.